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10943699_10203033440069174_1348981534751702887_nThey hand the ball of to arguably the NFL’s toughest running back on second down from the 1 yard line. Marshawn Lynch takes the ball, carries it across the goal line, and the Seahawks win the Super Bowl. Instead, they call a pass that gets picked at the 1 yard line, and the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Social media is covered with posts of confusion. Was there something more to it? The NFL didn’t want the Super Bowl MVP to be the guy who does the bare minimum each game to not get fined? The Seahawks didn’t want to have to increase his contract offer for being the Super Bowl MVP and scoring the game winning touchdown? Plenty of speculation on the matter around the world. What are your thoughts? Comment with them below!

Mr. Fantasy Guru

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The Orlando Magic Saga

Hello all, its about time to usher in the official NBA season and what would the NBA be without its annual drama? Major League Baseball, and we all know how boring that is. I wear my sports passions on my sleeves, as do most die hard sports fans, and it is no secret that I live and breathe the Baltimore Ravens and the Orlando Magic. For those of you who listen to “Mike and Mike in the Morning”, you are very familiar with the Just Shut Up Segment, and for those of you who are never up that early, it is a segment where the hosts rundown a list of the weeks biggest crybabys or chatterboxes. In this case I would like to ask Dwight Howard to “Please Shut Up” and I would also like to ask Otis Smith to “Please Shut Up”. Now let me explain why, you see its okay for me to tweet Dwight how much I love him and that I will support him no matter what jersey he wears, just as it is very easy for him to tell Magic fans how he would like to stay in Orlando but then tell the front office that he wants out faster than you can say Shaq 2. My opinion is if he doesnt want to stay then let him leave. See ya later buddy, go play for the Nets who haven’t won anything since Jason Kidd left town. Go play for the Lakers with an aging Kobe Bryant and be the second coming of Lebron James, but most importantly Dwight, just shut up about it. We don’t care anymore, as it is very apparent that your mind is made up. You can make millions more here in Orlando, you already have more endorsements then you can keep track of, and unless you want to make horrific movies like Shaq, then stay here and lead this city that loves you, that built you a brand new arena, to it’s first ever championship.

That leads me to Otis Smith, who quite frankly shouldn’t have a job anymore. You took a team that was on the cusp of an NBA Championship and imploded it, bringing in all the wrong pieces and financially crippling the team’s future. To put it simply, you are a General Manager of an NBA franchise, which means that you aren’t suppose to trade for your friend and his $100 million dollar contract(see agent zero), but you did Otis. You gave Rashard $100 million when no other team had offered him more than $80 million. You brought back Hedo, after he was deemed over rated and unaffordable. We have no depth, and you traded away all of our tradable assets leaving the city of Orlando with a beautiful arena, an all-star game, and a

Smith and Howard in happier times.

disgruntled superstar on his way out of town. Thank you Otis, for putting together a winner, thank you for allowing this franchise to lose not one, but two Hall of Fame Center’s. We are all tired of hearing your excuses, we are even more tired of the “will they or won’t they trade him saga” so do us all a favor Otis Smith and “Please Shut Up”!

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The Good News: I’m now writing for a new site as an Expert Fantasy Football Analyst. The site is SuicideFantasyFootball.com .

The Bad News: Being as how I’m writing for this site, my insanely humorous and intellectual blogging will be few and far between on this blog.

The Great News: You can still read from your favorite Fantasy Blogger at SuicideFantasyFootball.com! On top of reading, you can also play the all new style of Fantasy Football on the site as well! How is it different you may ask? Well, there is no draft whatsoever. You simply pick any NFL player to fill your generic fantasy roster each week. However, the trick is that you can only use a player ONCE the ENTIRE season. Whomever has the most overall points for the season in their respective league wins. There are Free Leagues, $10 Leagues, $50 Leagues, and $100 Leagues. Whomever wins the $50 and $100 leagues wins…wait for it…an all expense paid trip for two to this season’s Superbowl!!! That’s right, for as little as $50, you and a friend can go to the Superbowl for FREE!!!

Here is a video showing how to play and set your lineup.

On top of this new inventive Fantasy League, I am still playing the generic style on CBSSports.com in which I am still looking for a few more fans to fill it before I open it up to the public. $39 Buy in, $200 for 1st place.

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Who do you think the greatest shortstop of all time is? Derek Jeter who has the multitude of championships? Cal Ripken Jr. who has the consecutive starts record? Alex Rodriguez who is making his way atop the *tainted* home run record leader board? (yes he is a 3rd baseman for the Yankees now but prior to that he was an MVP at shortstop). If you think that neither of these three qualify for greatest ever at their position, then feel free to click that option while commenting who you think IS the greatest shortstop of all time. Personally, I’m hoping Hanley Ramirez gets his butt in gear and starts on the path towards being considered for such an honor (and by Hanley Ramirez, I mean any Florida Marlins player)

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