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Whats your Favorite team? I believe this has to be the most common question asked during any sports related event.  Everyone wants to know where your allegiances lie not just for small talk, but to get a quick glimpse into your soul. Behind every persons affection for a sporting team is a story that binds the two together. Heres Mine.

         I was a semi jock in high school. In my earlier years I was arrogant enough to believe I had the skills to go pro, but unfortunately for me I was more proficient at causing myself drama. Drama or not my love for sports, and in particular the ones I played never passed. The desire to be on the football field or running the basketball court made me latch on to my teams like a tissue on the bottom of a high heel. Unsuspecting of their meaning to me I trudge forward with my team until life forces me away, but I aways find a way back.

        I have only sworn undying loyalty to two teams. One being my high school alma mater, and the other being the Indianapolis Colts. I realize that high school sports mean nothing to most on a national scale so ill spare you the details on the Maynard Evans High School Trojans who went 10-2 this football season. (Lol) No this is not about them. This about My dear colts. Yes the ones that got their first victory of the season yesterday with their third string quarterback starting and a patchwork offensive line. Yep those are my boys.

         I get the question all the time “How does a guy that never once set foot in Indiana love their football team so”?  To be honest its simply complex. I was a fan of Marshall Faulk. I played running back during my football career, so I always identified with them the most. Watching him felt like magic! Every time this man carried the rock I expected great things. When he Left the colts they got this quarterback by the name of Peyton Manning. He was the first quarterback I could say I grew up watching. I mean I didn’t just click on the tv to see his name flash across sports center. No, I  actually followed him from college sports into the pros. It was my admiration for these two players that attracted me to the colts organization.

        Everyone Loves to win but these guys have been doing it for years. Thier style of play, the way they run their front office, to the way they drafted players it all just agreed with me. It helped that Peyton and Company were winning. I guess you can say that was the cherry on top, considering this year Our unit has hit rock bottom. The lock out hurt us more than any other team I believe, but I wont justify our 1-13 record.  After all It is a professional team and under no circumstances do I find this acceptable. Especially since we had most of our pieces. Again that is neither here nor there, so despite the horrid record I believe we will turn this seasons losses into victories for many years to come.

        I love my team, but I am not blinded by them. Whether it be football or water polo I like to call things like I see them. I hope that if your reading this you’ll once again join me as I share my opinions, concerns, and highlights. Feel free to comment and send feed back on anything I might post. All I ask is that if you feel like your comment might be motivated by ignorance Stop and re-evaluate what you want to say. I will not have profane rants on my blog. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your responses.

                                                                           Jamel Clark


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  After spending the majority of the NFL season writing for Suicidefantasyfootball.com, I am back to bring you updates on the NBA season yet again! I have even added a few other writers to this blog’s arsenal. Our newly revamped team will keep you guys in the know on all things NBA and fantasy basketball.

Speaking of fantasy basketball, if you would like pre-draft, draft, or roster assistance, feel free to contact me on my live chat site Here!

Furthermore, if you hadn’t had a chance to check out my fantasy help eBooks yet, just click Here!

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The Good News: I’m now writing for a new site as an Expert Fantasy Football Analyst. The site is SuicideFantasyFootball.com .

The Bad News: Being as how I’m writing for this site, my insanely humorous and intellectual blogging will be few and far between on this blog.

The Great News: You can still read from your favorite Fantasy Blogger at SuicideFantasyFootball.com! On top of reading, you can also play the all new style of Fantasy Football on the site as well! How is it different you may ask? Well, there is no draft whatsoever. You simply pick any NFL player to fill your generic fantasy roster each week. However, the trick is that you can only use a player ONCE the ENTIRE season. Whomever has the most overall points for the season in their respective league wins. There are Free Leagues, $10 Leagues, $50 Leagues, and $100 Leagues. Whomever wins the $50 and $100 leagues wins…wait for it…an all expense paid trip for two to this season’s Superbowl!!! That’s right, for as little as $50, you and a friend can go to the Superbowl for FREE!!!

Here is a video showing how to play and set your lineup.

On top of this new inventive Fantasy League, I am still playing the generic style on CBSSports.com in which I am still looking for a few more fans to fill it before I open it up to the public. $39 Buy in, $200 for 1st place.

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The Dallas Mavericks gained over a million more fans by simply going into the Finals as soon as Heat and/or LeBron haters got news of the Heat advancing to the NBA Finals. I personally was never a fan of the Heat, but was never a Heat “hater”. However, the nonsense of the offseason with LeBron having a televised announcement of where he was “taking his talents to” was a nail in the coffin for me. News flash LeBron, Michael Jordan was never a douche AND he was on Space Jam…Space Jam. You want Jordan status and you act like a moron. You want to leave Cleveland? Sure, leave. Sign a new contract with another team in the offseason. Done deal. Don’t make a sideshow and have events just to give your big head more media attention. You do that with your playing (and by playing, I mean actually scoring points in the 4th quarter of NBA Finals games).

Props to the Dallas Mavericks on their first NBA title. They deserved it. They earned it. I was never a Mavs fan but I have always liked Dirk Nowitzki and his work ethic. The Mavs simply wanted ONE title while the “big 3” talked about winning “6 or 7 or 8”. Greedy little boys. Maybe they’ll make it to the Finals again in “6 or 7 or 8” years. When asked in a press conference immediately following game 6, LeBron was asked if he felt like he “choked”. Instead of answering with the obvious “yes” any REAL captain or leader of a team would answer in the same situation, he passed on the opportunity to blame himself (since he did the majority of the sucking) to Dwayne Wade sitting to his left. It’s frustrating when someone who acts so childish at times makes so much money and has so much skill. Maybe it’s poor parenting. Maybe it’s due to his early entrance into the NBA and lack of college life. Either way, it’s time to give baby Bron-Bron his binky.

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Scott’s Corner is a new mini blog series where my esteemed colleague Scott asks an in depth question and all of my fans/subscribers/readers/people-who-accidentally-clicked-a -link-to-my-page have a chance to answer it in the comments section with their own personal response. You are allowed to reply to comments already posted, but please have a sportsmanlike approach to it.

Episode 2: The NBA seems to be headed in the same direction this coming off-season as the NFL already is this off-season. The NBA is heading towards a lockout and small market owners want revenue sharing amongst teams. How do you feel the NBA, it’s teams, and it’s owners should act to ensure that anything close to a lockout does not happen? Should they rid the league of one or two of its lesser teams that aren’t pulling their weight in performance and ticket sales while asking for a piece of the cake the top tier teams are bringing in? If so, what teams? You may also add any personal opinion you possess about the current state of the NFL lockout and the greedy owners it has. Discuss.


Also, make sure you check out my previous post as it contains a very interesting poll.

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Scott’s Corner is a new mini blog series where my esteemed colleague Scott asks an in depth question and all of my fans/subscribers/readers/people-who-accidentally-clicked-a -link-to-my-page have a chance to answer it in the comments section with their own personal response. You are allowed to reply to comments already posted, but please have a sportsmanlike approach to it.

Episode 1: What are the repercussions of the Heat not winning a championship this season? What will happen to staff? To the head coach? To the Heat roster? To the massive Heat “Big 3” egos? What will the ripple effect be on other teams in the league? What about Heat fans? What about Heat haters? Discuss.

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I am in the midst of writing my first eBook of my fantasy help series. I will definitely let you guys know when it’s ready to be purchased. I also need you guys to help support my newly created Facebook page and Twitter account. Please “like” and “follow” both!

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