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10943699_10203033440069174_1348981534751702887_nThey hand the ball of to arguably the NFL’s toughest running back on second down from the 1 yard line. Marshawn Lynch takes the ball, carries it across the goal line, and the Seahawks win the Super Bowl. Instead, they call a pass that gets picked at the 1 yard line, and the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Social media is covered with posts of confusion. Was there something more to it? The NFL didn’t want the Super Bowl MVP to be the guy who does the bare minimum each game to not get fined? The Seahawks didn’t want to have to increase his contract offer for being the Super Bowl MVP and scoring the game winning touchdown? Plenty of speculation on the matter around the world. What are your thoughts? Comment with them below!

Mr. Fantasy Guru

Fantasy Football 2011 Projections Review


The left column is the projections I made on 08/03/11 on Suicidefantasyfootball.com. The right column is the actual rankings at the end of the 2011 NFL regular season.

As you can see my divisional champions went 2 for 8.

As for positional fantasy finishes, I was off…big time. I did semi-decent with QBs and RBs, but when it comes to WRs, TEs, Ks, and DEFs, I was way way off, not getting anyone in the top 5 right.

Since it was so early into the pre-season, injuries were the death of me. We had not learned about Peyton’s 3rd neck surgery yet. Who knew Jamaal Charles would be out for the season so quick. For the WRs, I projected which teams would have stud WRs, however projecting the right WR on the team was my Achille’s heel.



NFC North Champions: Chicago Bears                       Green Bay Packers

NFC South Champions:  Atlanta Falcons                    Atlanta Falcons         

NFC West Champions:  St. Louis Rams                       San Francisco 49ers

NFC East Champions: Philadelphia Eagles                New York Giants

AFC North Champions: Baltimore Ravens                 Baltimore Ravens

AFC South Champions: Indianapolis Colts                Houston Texans

AFC West Champions: Kansas City Chiefs                  Denver Broncos

AFC East Champions: Miami Dolphins                        New England Patriots

Superbowl: Eagles over Ravens                                           TBD



Top 5 QBS

1. Michael Vick                                                   Aaron Rodgers

2. Aaron Rodgers                                              Drew Brees

3. Drew Brees                                                     Tom Brady

4. Peyton Manning                                            Cam Newton

5. Philip Rivers                                                   Matthew Stafford


Top 5 RBs

1. Adrian Peterson                                           Ray Rice

2. Jamaal Charles                                             LeSean McCoy

3. Arian Foster                                                  Maurice Jones-Drew

4. Maurice Jones-Drew                                  Arian Foster

5. Chris Johnson                                               Michael Turner


Top 5 WRS

1. Roddy White                                                  Calvin Johnson

2. Andre Johnson                                             Jordy Nelson

3. Reggie Wayne                                               Wes Welker

4. Hakeem Nicks                                               Victor Cruz

5. Greg Jennings                                               Larry Fitzgerald


Top 5 TEs

1. Antonio Gates                                           Rob Gronkowski

2. Jason Witten                                             Jimmy Graham

3. Dallas Clark                                               Aaron Hernandez

4. Vernon Davis                                             Tony Gonzalez

5. Marcedes Lewis                                        Jermichael Finley


Top 5 Ks

1. Adam Vinatieri                                        David Akers

2. Mason Crosby                                          John Kasay

3. Stephen Gostowski                                Sebastian Janikowski

4. Josh Brown                                               Stephen Gostkowski

5. Neil Rackers                                             Dan Bailey


Top 5 DEFs

1. Jets                                                                49ers

2. Steelers                                                        Bears

3. Eagles                                                           Ravens

4. Ravens                                                         Seahawks

5. Packers                                                        Texans

From ESPN.com

The important thing to remember is that it gets ugly quick. Well, no. The important thing to remember is that this is crazy-early. This list will be changed, expanded and updated many times between now and opening day 2012. And the next thing to remember is that there’s so much unknown. It seems like Stephania Bell was busier than ever this past season, as each week another big-name player went down with a major injury.

The Talented Mr. Roto

If I was to pick three major storylines from this past season — and apparently, that’s exactly what I am doing — the amount of injuries would certainly be one, as would the quick ascension of rookies into fantasy relevance. Usually it’s rookie running backs who make the biggest impact, but other than a few weeks of DeMarco Murray, Roy Helu and Mark Ingram, that didn’t really happen this past year. Instead, quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton, even Christian Ponder and T.J. Yates for a bit (and Tim Tebow might as well have been a rookie) along with wide receivers like A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Torrey Smith, Denarius Moore, Eric Decker for a while, Titus Young in deeper leagues (and again, Demaryius Thomas might as well have been a rookie) all made their presence felt.

Finally, the emergence of the quarterback would have to be the third storyline. For all the grief I got about the whole “Michael Vick as No. 1,” the theory behind it was dead on. Wrong player, sure, but no matter where you ranked Vick this year, chances are he disappointed. (Vick’s average draft position in ESPN leagues was as a first-rounder).

[+] EnlargeMichael Vick

Howard Smith/US PresswireMichael Vick finished 11th among quarterbacks in fantasy points, despite missing three games.

The theory behind Vick was that quarterbacks and tight ends are more consistent, and that getting an elite producer at those positions was much more likely to get you wins on a week-to-week basis. In the Manifesto, I went back and looked at the top-10 finishers in fantasy points over each of the past three years for all the positions, and I won’t bore you with all the math right now (Why? I’m saving it for next year’s Manifesto!), but the end result was that elite quarterbacks and tight ends put you in a much better position to win. They are the most consistent, they have a much better chance of returning your investment and it is much easier to find elite production at running back and wide receiver in the middle and late rounds.

While Vick failed, the overall theory held up perfectly. Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady, along with newcomers Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton, helped their owners to multiple titles, as did midround finds like Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, Darren Sproles, Michael Bush, Willis McGahee and more.

That’s all reflected in this first stab at a top 100. It’s based on a 10-team league with standard ESPN scoring. You’ll notice elite quarterbacks are ranked high, as are elite tight ends. You’ll notice low rankings on some big-name running backs and wide receivers, though for different reasons.

That brings us to the thing you were supposed to remember but have probably already forgotten. It gets ugly quick. There are many questions at running back. What will be the opening day health status of guys like Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, Darren McFadden, Fred Jackson, Rashard Mendenhall, DeMarco Murray and others? Were the unexpected seasons of Marshawn Lynch, Reggie Bush and Chris Johnson a fluke or legit? Where do many of the potential free agents and salary-cap casualties land?

As for wide receivers, there is unbelievable depth next season. The expected studs and/or fantasy starters like Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White , Marques Colston, Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Lloyd, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Dwayne Bowe, Mike Wallace and Steve Johnson all showed up in some form or fashion. You add in guys like Victor Cruz, Jordy Nelson, Percy Harvin, Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Laurent Robinson, Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas, Kenny Britt (if he’s healthy), plus the re-emergence of Steve Smith and, potentially, Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon if Peyton Manning is healthy and all of them are back with the Colts. And you can easily see Justin Blackmon having an A.J. Green rookie year if he lands in the right spot, plus potential bounce-back years for DeSean Jackson and Mike Williams. And none of this mentions Andre Johnson, who just needs to stay on the field … Dude. Wide receiver is crazy deep.

After Calvin Johnson, you can make an argument for any number of wideouts in any sort of order. It’s really personal preference. But I tended to go with longer track records and players I thought were safer rather than upside. Fitzgerald may not end up next season as the No. 2 wideout, but I have him there because I think he’s a rock-solid bet to be top five no matter who his QB is. I’d rather have that safety than be on the roller coaster that is Andre Johnson’s hamstrings.

So I tended to go lower overall on wideouts because of the depth there. And with that … here we go:

[+] EnlargeAaron Rodgers

Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesYou can lock in Aaron Rodgers for at least 40 of these celebrations next season.

1. Aaron Rodgers, QB — Money in the bank.

2. Drew Brees , QB — The other branch of said bank.

3. Ray Rice, RB — You could make an argument for any of the next four RBs. I went Rice because there are no health issues, his value isn’t touchdown dependent and this year, he added the touchdowns.

4. Arian Foster, RB
5. LeSean McCoy, RB
6. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
7. Calvin Johnson, WR

8. Tom Brady, QB — Remember when Tom threw 50 touchdown passes? His offensive coordinator that year was … Josh McDaniels.

9. Rob Gronkowski, TE — And this is where it got ugly for me. You can poke a hole in any player ranked from this point on. Here’s why I went Gronk: Take away every single touchdown he scored this year — all 17 of them — and he still finishes with 132 fantasy points, making him the second-highest-scoring tight end this year. He had 124 targets and is a matchup nightmare for any defense; this all goes back to my elite QBs and TEs theory.

10. Matthew Stafford, QB

11. Marshawn Lynch, RB — He’s just 25. This ranking will change if he leaves Seattle, but he’s a young player with an improving offensive line that will be a lot healthier next year and a coach that likes to run. Also, no committee. But again, so many question marks with the health of other guys here.

12. Larry Fitzgerald, WR

13. Cam Newton, QB — I expect the rushing touchdowns to come down, but still. Imagine when he has a full training camp.

14. Chris Johnson, RB — I think he returns to stud but not “Oh, damn, watch out” levels.

15. Matt Forte, RB — Seemed like his injury was the least worrisome of the all the big-name guys.

16. Jimmy Graham, TE — Had 149 targets; another matchup nightmare who, like Gronk, is young and — scary thought — still learning.

17. Roddy White, WR — For all the Julio talk (and yes, Jones did miss games), White had 181 targets.

18. Wes Welker, WR

19. Andre Johnson, WR — Depth of position and health concerns keep him this low.

20. Greg Jennings, WR

21. Jamaal Charles, RB — At least he was injured early on.

22. Hakeem Nicks, WR
23. A.J. Green, WR
24. Ryan Mathews, RB

25. Victor Cruz, WR — I went Nicks over Cruz and Jennings over Jordy based on track record, but they’re all studs.

26. Steven Jackson, RB
27. Jordy Nelson, WR

28. Michael Vick, QB — A year after I’m all in on him, you know he’s gonna go off. I’m already banging my head.

29. Percy Harvin, WR — Injury to AP helps boost his value. I don’t expect AP to be the same guy next season, meaning they will lean on Harvin a bit more.

30. Frank Gore, RB
31. Marques Colston, WR
32. Brandon Marshall, WR
33. DeMarco Murray, RB
34. Antonio Gates, TE
35. Tony Romo, QB
36. Steve Smith, WR, Panthers
37. Vincent Jackson, WR

38. Michael Turner, RB — Forget the Week 17 game against a horrific Tampa Bay team that had already checked out. In Turner’s final five “real” games (Weeks 12-16), he averaged just 3.3 yards per carry and just 56 rushing yards a game; he had fewer than 80 yards in all five and scored only once. In their playoff game, on a crucial fourth-and-1, the Falcons decided to have Matt Ryan run it instead of Turner. I’d rather jump off the bandwagon a year too early than a year too late, and there’s so many guys with more upside than Turner that I’d rather have.

39. Adrian Peterson, RB — This rank will change quite a bit once we see where he is healthwise. But if I had to draft today, this is where I’m comfortable taking him. And not before. It looked bad, kids. Bad.

[+] EnlargeFred Jackson

Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty ImagesFred Jackson racked up 1,376 total yards and six scores before injury ended his season in Week 10.

40. Fred Jackson, RB
41. Darren McFadden, RB
42. Ahmad Bradshaw, RB
43. Reggie Bush, RB

44. Mike Wallace, WR — Antonio Brown is no joke.

45. Miles Austin, WR

46. Dez Bryant, WR — I’m assuming Laurent Robinson is with another team.

47. Julio Jones, WR
48. Roy Helu, RB

49. Brandon Lloyd, WR — This will go up if Lloyd winds up in New England, but right now, I have to rank him as if he’s on the Rams.

50. Beanie Wells, RB
51. Dwayne Bowe, WR
52. Jason Witten, TE

53. Eli Manning, QB — Possibly the quietest 4,900 yards in history.

54. Shonn Greene, RB
55. Jeremy Maclin, WR

56. Kenny Britt, WR — If healthy, and can stay healthy, will be a steal here.

57. Antonio Brown, WR
58. Willis McGahee, RB
59. Philip Rivers, QB


60. Peyton Manning, QB — So much unknown right now. The ranking reflects that.

61. Steve Johnson, WR
62. Darren Sproles, RB

63. LeGarrette Blount, RB — Depending on who the new coach is, this could also go up. I still believe in the player. No coach earned more Shanahan-esque fantasy venom than Raheem Morris this past season.

64. Isaac Redman, RB — I don’t think we see Rashard Mendenhall until midseason or so.

65. Peyton Hillis, RB — All depends on where he winds up.

66. Demaryius Thomas, WR — I’m a believer.

67. Pierre Garcon, WR– See Manning, Peyton.

68. Ben Roethlisberger, QB

69. Tim Tebow, QB — Do you believe?

70. Laurent Robinson, WR — I’m assuming he’s with another team.

71. Michael Bush, RB

72. C.J. Spiller, RB — If Fred Jackson is healthy, think it’s still his gig, but you see Spiller more involved in a high-end, Ben Tate, 10-to-12-touches-a-game sort of way.

73. Aaron Hernandez, TE
74. Tony Gonzalez, TE

75. Reggie Wayne, WR — See Garcon, Pierre.

76. DeSean Jackson, WR
77. Michael Crabtree, WR
78. Denarius Moore, WR
79. Kevin Smith, RB
80. Cedric Benson, RB

81. Justin Blackmon, WR — Stud in the making.

82. DeAngelo Williams, RB
83. Ben Tate, RB
84. Mark Ingram, RB
85. Matt Schaub, QB
86. Jermichael Finley, TE

87. Brent Celek, TE — Fourth among tight ends in receiving yards over the second half.

88. Mario Manningham, WR — Assuming he is not with the Giants next year.

89. Santonio Holmes, WR
90. Mike Williams (Bucs), WR

91. Trent Richardson, RB — Could easily go up, depending on where he gets drafted.

92. Jonathan Stewart, RB
93. Donald Brown, RB
94. Santana Moss, WR
95. Anquan Boldin, WR
96. Brandon Jacobs, RB
97. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB

98. Jay Cutler, QB — Believe it or not, Mike Martz being gone will help Cutler. Cutler’s best statistical season with the Bears was his first one, without Martz.

99. Sidney Rice, WR
100. Torrey Smith, WR

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The Orlando Magic Saga

Hello all, its about time to usher in the official NBA season and what would the NBA be without its annual drama? Major League Baseball, and we all know how boring that is. I wear my sports passions on my sleeves, as do most die hard sports fans, and it is no secret that I live and breathe the Baltimore Ravens and the Orlando Magic. For those of you who listen to “Mike and Mike in the Morning”, you are very familiar with the Just Shut Up Segment, and for those of you who are never up that early, it is a segment where the hosts rundown a list of the weeks biggest crybabys or chatterboxes. In this case I would like to ask Dwight Howard to “Please Shut Up” and I would also like to ask Otis Smith to “Please Shut Up”. Now let me explain why, you see its okay for me to tweet Dwight how much I love him and that I will support him no matter what jersey he wears, just as it is very easy for him to tell Magic fans how he would like to stay in Orlando but then tell the front office that he wants out faster than you can say Shaq 2. My opinion is if he doesnt want to stay then let him leave. See ya later buddy, go play for the Nets who haven’t won anything since Jason Kidd left town. Go play for the Lakers with an aging Kobe Bryant and be the second coming of Lebron James, but most importantly Dwight, just shut up about it. We don’t care anymore, as it is very apparent that your mind is made up. You can make millions more here in Orlando, you already have more endorsements then you can keep track of, and unless you want to make horrific movies like Shaq, then stay here and lead this city that loves you, that built you a brand new arena, to it’s first ever championship.

That leads me to Otis Smith, who quite frankly shouldn’t have a job anymore. You took a team that was on the cusp of an NBA Championship and imploded it, bringing in all the wrong pieces and financially crippling the team’s future. To put it simply, you are a General Manager of an NBA franchise, which means that you aren’t suppose to trade for your friend and his $100 million dollar contract(see agent zero), but you did Otis. You gave Rashard $100 million when no other team had offered him more than $80 million. You brought back Hedo, after he was deemed over rated and unaffordable. We have no depth, and you traded away all of our tradable assets leaving the city of Orlando with a beautiful arena, an all-star game, and a

Smith and Howard in happier times.

disgruntled superstar on his way out of town. Thank you Otis, for putting together a winner, thank you for allowing this franchise to lose not one, but two Hall of Fame Center’s. We are all tired of hearing your excuses, we are even more tired of the “will they or won’t they trade him saga” so do us all a favor Otis Smith and “Please Shut Up”!

Whats your Favorite team? I believe this has to be the most common question asked during any sports related event.  Everyone wants to know where your allegiances lie not just for small talk, but to get a quick glimpse into your soul. Behind every persons affection for a sporting team is a story that binds the two together. Heres Mine.

         I was a semi jock in high school. In my earlier years I was arrogant enough to believe I had the skills to go pro, but unfortunately for me I was more proficient at causing myself drama. Drama or not my love for sports, and in particular the ones I played never passed. The desire to be on the football field or running the basketball court made me latch on to my teams like a tissue on the bottom of a high heel. Unsuspecting of their meaning to me I trudge forward with my team until life forces me away, but I aways find a way back.

        I have only sworn undying loyalty to two teams. One being my high school alma mater, and the other being the Indianapolis Colts. I realize that high school sports mean nothing to most on a national scale so ill spare you the details on the Maynard Evans High School Trojans who went 10-2 this football season. (Lol) No this is not about them. This about My dear colts. Yes the ones that got their first victory of the season yesterday with their third string quarterback starting and a patchwork offensive line. Yep those are my boys.

         I get the question all the time “How does a guy that never once set foot in Indiana love their football team so”?  To be honest its simply complex. I was a fan of Marshall Faulk. I played running back during my football career, so I always identified with them the most. Watching him felt like magic! Every time this man carried the rock I expected great things. When he Left the colts they got this quarterback by the name of Peyton Manning. He was the first quarterback I could say I grew up watching. I mean I didn’t just click on the tv to see his name flash across sports center. No, I  actually followed him from college sports into the pros. It was my admiration for these two players that attracted me to the colts organization.

        Everyone Loves to win but these guys have been doing it for years. Thier style of play, the way they run their front office, to the way they drafted players it all just agreed with me. It helped that Peyton and Company were winning. I guess you can say that was the cherry on top, considering this year Our unit has hit rock bottom. The lock out hurt us more than any other team I believe, but I wont justify our 1-13 record.  After all It is a professional team and under no circumstances do I find this acceptable. Especially since we had most of our pieces. Again that is neither here nor there, so despite the horrid record I believe we will turn this seasons losses into victories for many years to come.

        I love my team, but I am not blinded by them. Whether it be football or water polo I like to call things like I see them. I hope that if your reading this you’ll once again join me as I share my opinions, concerns, and highlights. Feel free to comment and send feed back on anything I might post. All I ask is that if you feel like your comment might be motivated by ignorance Stop and re-evaluate what you want to say. I will not have profane rants on my blog. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your responses.

                                                                           Jamel Clark

Guess who’s back?!

  After spending the majority of the NFL season writing for Suicidefantasyfootball.com, I am back to bring you updates on the NBA season yet again! I have even added a few other writers to this blog’s arsenal. Our newly revamped team will keep you guys in the know on all things NBA and fantasy basketball.

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